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Here Are Some Evacuations Ordered Ahead Of The Storm

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Here are some evacuations ordered ahead of the storm approaching Southern California.

The city of Burbank has issued a voluntary evacuation order that will take effect at 8 p.m. Wednesday and continue through 6 p.m. Thursday for
the following streets:

-- Country Club Drive east of Via Montana;
-- all of Hamline Place;
-- Groton Drive east of Kenneth;
-- 830-849 Stephen Road;
-- Irving Drive between Kenneth and Joaquin;
-- 2906 & 2934 Olney Place;
-- 2934 Remy Place;
-- 2949 Mystic View Place;
-- 3430-3436 Brace Canyon Road;
-- 3301-3310 Brookshire Court;
-- 3318, 3321 & 3322, 3422 Wedgewood Court;
-- 3514-3519 Folkstone Court; and
-- 3529-3530 Castleman Lane.

An evacuation center will be established at Verdugo Recreation Center,
3201 W. Verdugo Ave. The center will not accommodate animals.
No-parking restrictions will also take effect at 8 a.m. Wednesday on:
-- Country Club Drive east of Via Montana;
-- all of Hamline Place;
-- Groton Drive east of Kenneth; and
-- Bel Aire Drive from Cambridge Drive to Vista Ridge.

For residents of Kagel Canyon, Lopez Canyon and Little Tujunga Canyon, in anticipation of heavy rain and potential mud flow, Los Angeles County sheriff's official will knock on doors starting 5 p.m. Tuesday as a precaution. Evacuations will be mandatory starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

L.A. Sheriff's deputies knocked on about 350 homes in Kagel Canyon Tuesday. They said a handful of residents chose to leave the area, but they want all residents to heed their warning.

"Helicopters have a difficult time flying in inclement weather," said LASD Capt. Christopher Blasnek. "Rocks and boulders may come down if there's mud and debris flow. So, we can't get to you if you need help," warned Blasnek.

Despite the upcoming evacuation order, some residents like Ron Haley opted to stay, for now. He said he signed a waiver from the deputies.

"I'm keeping the car loaded with stuff to go with if I have to," Haley told CBS2 News. "If the rumble gets too bad, I'll just head out the door and be gone in five minutes," said Haley Tuesday night.

"We're going to not evacuate because if we evacuate, that means we can't get back in and we're stranded from our home," said Kagel Canyon resident Nancy Jones. She and her husband said they felt the retaining wall behind their home would be enough to keep the house out of danger. "We'll be watching," said Jones.


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