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Coyote jumps backyard fence, attacks dog in Huntington Beach

Coyote leaps over fence to attack dog in a Huntington Beach backyard
Coyote leaps over fence to attack dog in a Huntington Beach backyard 02:33

A labrador in Huntington Beach rushed in to help a Boston terrier after a coyote had sunk its teeth into the little dog's head. 

Security video shows the coyote jumping into a fenced-in backyard to attack the 7-year-old Boston terrier named Sadie. Within seconds, the coyote looked its jaws into Sadie and began to violently shake her as she yelped for help, said the owners. 

After hearing the commotion, the family's 8-year-old labrador, Cody, ran into the backyard and chased the coyote away, saving Sadie's life.

"Cody ran outside immediately barking," said owner Freddy Patriarca.

The ordeal happened just two months after a coyote attacked and seriously injured a 3-year-old girl playing near Huntington Beach Pier.

"I feel unsafe," said owner Melissa Patriarca ."We should feel safe here, in our own home."

She added her kids are afraid to play in the backyard following the attack.

Following the attack on the little girl, the city council held a special meeting on coyotes where residents demanded tougher tactics to get rid of coyotes but the city did not take any action that night on trapping or hunting. 

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