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Couple Accused Of Stealing Baby Formula Arrested After High-Speed Chase

SAN BERNADINO ( —  Montclair police Thursday arrested two suspects accused of stealing baby formula from a local Target and leading authorities on a high-speed chase with two children in the vehicle.

The suspects are believed to have fought with security at a Target on Central Avenue and were originally wanted for retail theft.

The pursuit ended in the Colton area, where witnesses say they saw a man and woman grab two kids with them and take off running after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

"He made a right turn here and that's when he went over the curb and that's when he got out of the car and started running and went around the building here - him and the girl - and two kids," a local man told CBS2'S Brittney Hopper.

Colton resident Eric Johnson said he saw the suspects eventually tackled by police.

Authorities said they didn't know kids were in the car until after the pursuit and that they would have stopped the chase had they known.

Police were on the scene taking bags full of baby formula out of the suspects' car Thursday evening.

Neighbors in the area say they had never seen the couple before and that the children were crying as the man and woman were running from police.

The suspects' names have yet to be released.

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