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Condo residents frustrated with management company after going weeks without gas

Condo residents in Orange go for weeks without gas
Condo residents in Orange go for weeks without gas 02:12

With no working gas stove or oven for cooking and cold showers for several weeks, some Orange residents are growing frustrated with their management company after a gas leak cut off the utility. 

"At this point we just want it fixed," said one resident.

When residents turn their hot water on the tap runs cold and it's been this way since June 2. 

"We call the management company Huntington West. We call them, they hang up on me because there's lots of people calling them," said resident Lee Gebran. "I said you need to put us in a hotel where we can take a shower — hot shower. (They said) absolutely not." 

The residents said they have no idea when they'll be getting hot water again. For safety reasons, SoCalGas confirmed it disconnected the master gas meter after detecting a gas leak at La Veta Monterey condominiums in the City of Orange nearly three weeks ago. There are 210 units affected. 

The gas company told KCAL News the leak is on the customer's side, which means the property owner is responsible for repairs. KCAL News found rusty and corroded pipes at the complex and evidence that someone has dug underground. However, a plumber said there are leaks that still exist. 

"Just surviving," said resident Diana Rasmussen. "We feel like we're camping in our home. We heat water up to take a shower and we have a gaming stove in our house with propane. How safe is that?" 

Some residents went to a homeowner's meeting Monday but say they didn't get many answers and feel like they're getting a runaround. They've been told the repairs could run as high as a million dollars. KCAL News tried to contact the management company but has not heard back. 

Gebran said he has been urged to continue paying rent despite not having gas. 

"They sent me a letter yesterday (saying) that I have to pay rent," he said. "If I don't pay rent, they evict (me)."

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