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Carjacking chaos: Wild video shows woman's parking lot rampage in Agoura Hills

Carjacking chaos: Wild footage shows woman's parking lot rampage in Agoura Hills
Carjacking chaos: Wild footage shows woman's parking lot rampage in Agoura Hills 03:11

A woman was behind bars Friday evening after she was caught on camera stealing a car and pinballing around an Agoura Hills parking lot as she tried to flee from the area. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies were called to the scene, near the Ralph's grocery store located in the Twin Oaks Shopping Center on Kanan Road, at around 2:45 p.m. after learning that a woman had stolen a person's car in the parking lot. 

Witnesses say that the woman approached the driver to ask for a ride, and when they said no, she threw her to the ground, jumped in vehicle and took off. 

"When she couldn't get the lady's purse from her, she got in her car and she tried to steal the car," said Rose Mercer, who witnessed the incident. "I was so scared, because she was definitely out of it. She was determined to get out of here, out of the parking lot."

Video shows the chaos unfolding as the woman collides with multiple other parked vehicles in the parking lot, attempting to avoid pedestrians and onlookers. Screams can be heard as Good Samaritans try to coax her from the stolen car, with multiple people running from inside the store to help. 

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Debris can be seen flying from vehicles as the suspect rams into them, both driving in reverse and forward.

Eventually the woman is detained by the crowd of onlookers, who held her until law enforcement arrived. They tied her hands using a bandana and tied her shoes together to prevent her from running away. 

Deputies say that the car had a anti-theft steering wheel club installed, which made it much more difficult for her to get away. 

Despite initial reports than more than 20 people were injured in the incident, LASD says that two people sustained minor injuries, for which they were treated at the scene. 

The suspect was also treated for minor injuries before she was arrested.

At least five cars, including the stolen vehicle, sustained damage during the course of the rampage. 

The woman has been taken into custody and booked for carjacking. 

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