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Burglars break into Beverly Hills clothing store with car

There's no question that Beverly Hills business owners have experienced smash and grab robberies before. 

But what happened early Saturday morning no one has seen or tried before. 


Not every clothing store establishment in Beverly Hills has a drive-thru option like the Neiman Marcus store located on Wilshire Boulevard and McCrery Drive. 

However authorities told CBSLA Reporter Jake Reiner that fact had no impact on the thieves that rammed a car through the glass doors and metal gate at the Nieman Marcus store at 4:45 Saturday morning.

"It's sad and it just makes you wonder what are the answers?," Beverly Hills resident Paul Giovi said.

The suspects made off with a couple Chanel bags, employees told Reiner. It's unclear what else the suspects got away with but the vehicle they used to break into the store was left behind.

The store eventually opened up on Saturday after crews repaired the damages and boarded up part of the store.

Giovi said while he has sympathy for businesses like Nieman Marcus, he understands why there's been an increase of emboldened thieves that have smashed and grabbed at multiple Beverly Hills stores in recent months. 

"I'm surprised that it took this long for it to start happening considering the state of the planet, the socio-economic disparities," Giovi said.

Others feel differently, like Gali Rubin. 

"We need to have a law, we need to have an order, people need to get punished," Rubin said. 

Police have not arrested any of the suspects involved in this smash and grab. 

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