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Bob Hope Airport Officials Mull Name Change To Boost Passenger Traffic

BURBANK ( — Is the name of a legendary comedian keeping travelers from using the fifth-busiest airport in Southern California?

Officials with Bob Hope Airport in Burbank are considering a public image makeover amid declining passenger traffic at the 85-year-old terminal.

The Bob Hope Airport adopted its moniker in 2003, the same year the comedy legend died. It marked the sixth name change for the airport since its opening in 1930.

But for a hub that caters to an estimated 4.9 million travelers per year with more than 70 flights daily on six major carriers, many visitors to Southern California - and even some residents - still don't know exactly where the airport is located.

Executives fear the lack of any geographic reference in the airport's name could be confusing out-of-state visitors who may not realize the landing strip sits just miles from one of the Southland's busiest media districts.

Executive Director Dan Feger told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO officials are considering changing the hub's name to Bob Hope Burbank Hollywood Airport - provided there's no conflict with Tinseltown.

"Our first look at it would indicate that there is not a copyright problem in having the Hollywood Burbank name," said Feger. "However, before we actually put ink to paper and make that change official, the lawyers will climb all over it and make sure that absolutely we don't step on anybody's rights."

Any change to the airport's name is unlikely before well into the coming year, according to Feger.

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