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2 Neighbors Team Up To Create Haunted House At South Pasadena Theatre

SOUTH PASADENA ( — Two men have teamed up to create a haunted house at a South Pasadena theatre.

"Theatre of Terror," located at the Fremont Centre Theatre, all started with neighbors Todd Schroeder and Scott Peterson, whose haunted houses were each getting swarmed every year.

"We get over 2,000 trick-or-treaters a year," said Schroeder.

"They were getting so big, my wife was like, 'You need to move out,'" said Peterson. "We decided…let's pair up and make this real. Let's make a real haunt and do it for charity."

Peterson, a professor at the University of Southern California, and Schroeder, formed Evil Twin Studios.

With a volunteer cast and crew, profits from the production go to the South Pasadena Arts Council.

"There's a tremendous amount of creativity that has gone into this. From the original concept to the actual script writing, this is a full production. All of that is artistic. And we support that," said Howard Spector, the director of the South Pasadena Arts Council.

Peterson said the Fremont theatre was actually a former mortuary.

"This really was a mortuary and people who work here say they've seen things they can't explain," he said.

"Theatre of Terror" runs Saturday night, Halloween and next weekend.

"I've loved Halloween since I was little. I was actually born on Halloween, so that might have something to do with it, but scaring people just gives you a jolt. It gives you adrenaline. And it does the same thing for them," said Peterson.

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