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SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v. Wade prompts series of protests across SoCal

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In the wake of a monumental decision from Supreme Court justices to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, thousands of protestors flooded the streets of the nation to protest for abortion rights.

As throngs of politicians issued statements to both decry and rejoice in the decision, Americans took matters into their own hands by hitting the streets.

A series of protests were planned throughout the weekend in Los Angeles County. CBS2 and KCAL9 provide team coverage of the protests.


Activists protest outside federal building in Westwood

Hundreds of abortion rights supporters gathered outside the federal building in Westwood, pushing for Congress to codify Roe v. Wade into law, and later in the evening, Beverly Hills City Hall was lit up with pink lights to show its support for reproductive rights. 

Abortion rights advocates protest in Westwood 00:56
By CBSLA Staff

Hundreds of protestors return downtown for rallies

A second wave of protestors marched down the streets of downtown Los Angeles Saturday. At one point, activists tried and failed to get on the 101 Freeway due to the presence of the Los Angeles Police Department, which had declared a citywide tactical alert in the day. 

Overall, Saturday's protest were more peaceful compared to Friday night, where LAPD did make several arrests.

More protests are expected on Sunday as well. 

Abortion rights protest carry over into Saturday, with more expected Sunday 02:44
By CBSLA Staff

Protestors gather in Pershing Square

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a citywide tactical alert due to the ongoing protests. Protesters could be seen from Sky2 gathering in Pershing Square, marching down Hill Street. 

For second straight day, protestors march through Downtown LA 00:48
By Josh DuBose

Rallies held in Riverside, Long Beach and Fullerton

Reproductive rights advocates gathered in Long Beach, Fullerton and Riverside to protest the SCOTUS decision to reverse Roe v. Wade.

Abortion rights rallies held across SoCal Friday 00:54
By CBSLA Staff

Candlelight vigil and march in West Hollywood

Supporters and advocates of reproductive rights gathered in West Hollywood Friday for a candlelight vigil and march. Organizers of the event said they were calling on the president and elected leaders to do more to protect abortion rights. 

Candlelight vigil and march in WeHo to protest SCOTUS reversal of Roe v. Wade 02:58
By Josh DuBose

Police move into downtown amid protests, make arrests

A citywide tactical alert, issued amid the protests in downtown LA, was lifted as crowds began to disperse. While there were several chaotic moments, reports suggest the protest was mostly peaceful. Police did make dozens of arrests, though, after declaring the protest an unlawful assembly. The exact number of arrests is currently unclear. 

LAPD lifts citywide tactical alert, as crowds of protestors disperse 02:12

After fireworks were setoff downtown, police declared the protests an unlawful assembly.

Police declare downtown LA protests an unlawful assembly 03:07

After LAPD issued a citywide tactical alert amid widespread protests, police began moving into the downtown area. Protestors faced arrest if they failed to move out of the area. 

Police making arrests amid protests in downtown LA 02:23

Police started threatening arrests as they tried to clear parts of downtown. Around 50 people had reportedly been detained near 5th and Main Streets. 

Police move into downtown LA amid protests 06:08
By CBSLA Staff

Protestors march onto 110 Freeway

Hundreds of abortion rights advocates in downtown Los Angeles marched onto the 110 Freeway, getting on at 5th Street and exiting at Temple. 

Abortion rights activists march onto the 110 Freeway downtown 01:22
By Josh DuBose

Growing crowd of protestors rally in downtown LA

A growing crowd of hundreds of abortion rights supporters have gathered in downtown Los Angeles, prompting street closures in some areas. At one point, protestors marched onto the 110 Freeway at 5th street and exited at Temple. 

The Los Angeles Police Department has since issued a citywide tactical alert over the widespread protests. 

Abortion rights rally downtown continues to grow 03:08
Crowds of abortion rights supporters gathering downtown 02:15
By Josh DuBose

Group protests outside federal court complex

One of the first protests Friday began at 12 p.m. outside of the Federal Court Complex in Downtown Los Angeles, where members of organized a march.   

Hundreds rally in Downtown LA to protest Supreme Court decision 03:04
By CBSLA Staff
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