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YouTube Video Shows Family Putting Kids In Trunk At Pizza Place [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

By reading the headline you probably thought I meant to write "put the kids in the truck." But oh no, you read it correctly. This video shows what appears to be a mother putting her kids in the trunk.

The video labeled, "Parents put kids in trunk to go to CiCi's pizza" is actually quite amazing.

Shot from inside the restaurant, a man and woman are trying to discreetly record this woman putting kids into the trunk of the vehicle, as it appears there wouldn't be room in the backseat of the car for all of them. It looks like a group of four adults and five kids all trying to get around in a white compact car.

"I thought I was seeing stuff!" the woman recording the video says.

The commentary from the lady taping the act is quite entertaining.

"They is really, putting all them in the truck so all them can fit in the car."

"Shut up! They is like laying down, like really in the trunk."

"They looking to see if anyone is recording them-- yeah, we recording ya'll."

The man standing outside of the car did in fact see the video recording happen and he started to walk toward the woman shooting it.

"We is about to get shot for recording them getting in the trunk, he about to come shoot me! Oh, my God."

The lady did manage to upload it to You Tube, so we're assuming she made it out OK.

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