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You Can Make Jim Leyland's All-Star Lineup

By: Jeff Riger

We know Jim Leyland doesn't like to talk about his lineups, so it might come as a surprise that Leyland, while thinking in the shower, came up with what I think is a brilliant idea. Leyland, this year's American League manager of the All Star game, wondered how many fans could successfully put together an AL All Star lineup that would match his.

So is it fun for Leyland to get to put together a lineup of this magnitude?

"It's kind of neat, but it's a little more in-depth than people think. When you make it out, a lot of it is how you want to substitute. If you want a certain guy in a certain spot for later in the game, you might hit him different" Leyland said.

So how many fans does the skipper think would decide on his exact lineup?

"I would assume somebody would get it right, there are only nine guys. You would probably get a bunch of people that would be interested in writing it down plus pick the starting pitcher" Leyland said.

So we here at the website want to test your knowledge. We field hundreds of calls about Leyland's lineup so we decided to give you a chance to match his All Star selection. Once the All Star starters come out, simply put together your lineup and share it in the comments section below. Make sure to include the starting pitcher as well. I will take the results back to the skipper.

Leyland wondered how many fans would get it right -- Let's help him get an answer.

Check back once the selections are made as I will make sure to get members of our station to put their lineups in as well.

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