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Wyandotte 5G antenna debacle continues, T-Mobile and 2018 board president speak at recent school board meeting

Wyandotte 5G antenna debacle continues, T-Mobile and 2018 board president speak at recent school boa
Wyandotte 5G antenna debacle continues, T-Mobile and 2018 board president speak at recent school boa 02:21

WYANDOTTE, MICH. (CBS DETROIT) - The ever-evolving story out of Wyandotte continued Tuesday evening. Parents and guardians want a T-mobile antenna gone from Washington Elementary School. During a recent school board meeting, the board gave T-Mobile a chance to speak. 

Tense moments were shared, during the packed special school board meeting. The potential exposure of radiation from the antenna is what concerns parents. During Tuesday's meeting, T-Mobile reassured the crowd the antenna is safe.

"All of those levels are well below the FCC-mandated levels of exposure," T-Mobile representative, Michelle Saunders added.

Most recently the school district sent a letter to parents addressing the antenna. 

Adding that "The district has looked into what it would cost if we broke the contract with T-Mobile, and it's estimated to be in the millions of dollars. The district would be sued by T-Mobile and our insurance will not cover this."


The district says they've been told by T-Mobile it would also cost them at least $1 million to move the antenna to another location.

Though the issue has resulted in countless meetings and outreach the board president is considering alternatives.

Wyandotte School Board President, Cynthia Kinney talked with parents noting the district can take other costly measures like a breach collaboration, "if they give us all the cost to put it up, take it down, and put it up elsewhere we would have to incur," she added.

Kinney understands the board has a contract with T-Mobile and must adhere to it.

Commissioners questioned T-Mobile representatives on the safety of the antenna, the company repeatedly noted how the antenna is within FCC guidelines.

The antenna is still under construction and has been since 2022. Currently, there is no tentative turn-on date for it. Parents are threatening to remove their children from the school if the antenna is turned on. 


In the recent letter home to parents, the district added parents who are looking to remove their child from the school may do so beginning April 3rd. Staff members of the school are also offered an opportunity to initiate a change in placement. 

Tuesday's meeting saw criticism from Wyandotte residents that surround the school. Residents feel there was a lack of notification when the antenna was initially proposed. 

Former Wyandotte School Board President, Michael Swiecki attended the meeting, he told the room he sticks by his board's decision.

"Listen we made a decision based on the knowledge we had at the time," Swiecki exclaimed. He says the board at the time had the antenna on the agenda during 2018 and held open comments for the topic at the time.

Next, T-Mobile plans to tally up how much it would be for them to remove the antenna and place it elsewhere. The school board will look at those numbers and decide whether or not it's a challenge the district can handle.

T-Mobile made an important note! In order for the antenna to be removed, a "suitable alternative must be found," meaning the next big question is? Where could the antenna go?

CBS News Detroit will continue following this story.

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