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WrestleMania At The Big House? Harbaugh Says Yes, Please

By Ashley Scoby

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh may put on the front that he's all football all the time, but he actually has one more passion: wrestling.

With rumors swirling that WrestleMania is coming to Detroit's Ford Field, Harbaugh discussed the possibility on Wednesday's Stoney and Bill show.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that," he said, explaining that his favorite wrestler is Ric Flair. He's also friends with the Steiner brothers, a wrestling tag team who went to the University of Michigan.

"I went to school at the same time they were going to school and I consider myself friends with both the Steiner brothers," Harbaugh said. "Had a chance to see them wrestle one time in Chicago. It was a big thrill to go to a match; I would go to another. Who doesn't like a good wrestling match?"

While Harbaugh loves watching, he batted down the possibility of participating in a match as an actual wrestler.

"Would I get in a match?" he said. "I'd be one of those guys coming out with a towel, waving the towel. I'll be a corner man."

Harbaugh was so fired up about the possibility of WrestleMania coming back to Detroit that he called back into the radio show a few minutes after his original interview. He had an idea for a host.

"Why not the Big House?" he said. "Why not? 140,000 – I bet we could get in there for Wrestlemania. They're trying to break the attendance record at Jerry Jones' stadium in Dallas. (There's) a great Canadian presence in wrestling. Why not Michigan and the Big House?"

When a producer on the show suggested that Harbaugh participate as a referee in a Flair vs Hulk Hogan matchup, Harbaugh didn't hesitate.

"I'm in," he said.

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