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Wild Coyote Remains At Large In Detroit Zoo; Guests Urged Not To Approach

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) - A wily coyote remains on the loose at the Detroit Zoo, one day after it was first spotted at large on zoo grounds.

Communications Director Patricia Janeway says the wild predator entered the zoo on Monday, causing zoo officials to briefly close the gates to ensure guest safety.

A day later, there isn't any change in the situation, Janeway says; and, as the zoo remains open to the public, guests are urged not to approach the coyote if they see it.

What's the long-term plan?

"Well, our hope is still that the coyote will leave the same way it came in, on its own, but in the meantime we are hoping for an opportunity to capture and secure it," Janeway said.

Janeway said a crew including veterinarians and keepers, as well as members of the felicities and security staff, would be involved in any effort to catch the animal, if it does indeed come to that.

She said Monday morning that the coyote was hanging out in the now vacant former Dinosauria exhibit, where it's away from zoo visitors. It remained in that area Tuesday afternoon, where Janeway said they've been keeping an eye on it.

For now, small animals including flamingos, storks and red pandas that could be potential prey for the coyote are being sheltered indoors.

No incidents have been reported involving the animal, Janeway said, and it hasn't bothered any visitors as coyotes are typically fearful of people.

Any patron who spots the coyote is asked to alert a zoo employee.

[Get more information about dealing with wild coyotes in Michigan at this link].

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