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Why Darius Slay Is Upset With A'Shawn Robinson -- And His Own Son

By: Will Burchfield

Darius Slay wanted in on the fun.

A'Shawn Robinson had just snatched a pick-six off Drew Brees, notching the first interception and first touchdown of his career on the same play, and Slay was all jazzed up to celebrate with him.

But when Slay met Robinson in the corner of the end zone, Robinson dodged him and jumped into a crowd of his teammates instead.

Asked on Monday if he'd given Robinson credit for his impressive hands, Slay said that wouldn't be possible.

"We can't give him credit right now because I was trying to celebrate with him and he's really running from me, so I feel kind of offended that he didn't want my support of his interception. And I play DB (defensive back), so I was like, 'I know how you feel, bruh. Let's turn up together!'" Slay cried. "But he did not want to.

"So, at this moment, I don't like A'Shawn because he didn't want to celebrate with me."

Surely, though, it must have been overwhelming for Robinson. Pick-sixes are rare, especially for defensive linemen.

"It's overwhelming for me too. I don't even got one one yet! I don't got a pick-six yet," said Slay. "I know how he's feeling right now, it feels great, but I still wanted to celebrate with him as a team. But I feel like he wanted his own moment, his own time, and I'm slick jealous."

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Robinson wasn't the only person Slay was annoyed with following Sunday's loss. He also took issue with his son, who teased him about getting hurdled by Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

"I'm still thinking about it, I dreamed about it, my son even said something to me about it and I got even madder. That's what made me mad," Slay said, "because he saw it and he's like, "Dad, he jumped over you!' Like, 'Of course he did, son. Leave me alone.' He made me mad, so right now he's on punishment."

Slay said he told the coaching staff to skip the play during the Lions' film session on Monday -- not to save face, of course, but to bring the team together.

"I told coach we have to pass it because we're not gonna watch that. I'm not gonna have all the (guys) on me right now. This is an important moment as a team and as a group, we have to group this together. It's not gonna be all on Slay," he said.

Kamara, Slay admitted, surprised him with his leaping ability.

"I saw him preparing to jump over me, that's why I stood straight up. I'm like, 'You're not gonna jump over me like that,' and he really did. So I told him, 'You got a lot of bunnies. I don't know where you get that from, but you need to give them back.' But he made a hell of a play."

Slay and Kamara went back and forth on Twitter afterward.

"He said he had to do it. I said, 'Uhm, no you didn't have to do it, you didn't have to.' He could have easily ran out of bounds, the sideline was right there, but no, you decided to jump over me, so I feel offended," said Slay, shaking his head. "But like I told him after he did it, I said, 'Boy, that was an amazing play, I didn't know you had bunnies like that.'"

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