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'Who's The Daddy?' Homework Assignment Prompts Parent Complaint

ROMEO, Mich. (WWJ) - The principal of Romeo High School has called an outraged father to apologize about a controversial homework assignment.

The 9th grade biology worksheet sent home with students this week featured questions about a mother trying to determine the identity of her baby's father.

Possible answers included: the cable guy, the mailman, the cab driver, the bartender and the guy at the club.

"The goal is that the students are understanding blood types and DNA and possibilities based on the makeup of the two parents," explained Romeo Schools Superintendent Nancy Campbell.

"But, again, this painted a picture, I think, that was not appropriate," she added. "My first thought when I saw it was that it certainly been worded better."

Unamused, a parent sent the incomplete assignment back, with the note: "We teach our children not to sleep around."

Campbell said the teacher, who got the worksheet from a teaching website, has apologized.

"Teachers use all kinds of different resources that are available to them," Campbell said. "[This incident] brings in awareness for all of our staff to, you know, be more thoughtful and reflective about the items they use when they put them on a homework assignment."

According to Campbell, only one parent complained.

Romeo is located in Macomb County, about 30 miles north of Detroit.

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