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Whole Foods Store Makes Debut In Midtown Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - A big celebration in is planned in Midtown Wednesday when the first Whole Foods in the city of Detroit will open its doors.

Store Manager Larry Austin says many people believe the store is expensive -- but he invites the public to come in and check out the prices for themselves. Whole Foods produce (VThomas)

"If you come in and buy high-end imported olive oil (or) you get a cheese imported from Italy or France those things are pricey. Those are more ... foodie items. But if you come in for staples or bulk; our grocery, our produce - all those items are competitive," said Austin. "You can see here for yourself looking around, you see a lot of two for four, you see a dollar forty-nine, we've got buy-one get-one frees."

He's proud of the company and crew putting the community first, and expects that more Whole Foods stores will open in surrounding areas.

Austin says there will be events and food samples available in the parking lot starting at 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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