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What Motherhood Means To Me - Real Moms Weigh In

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How do moms feel about motherhood? There are as many answers as there are moms to give them. Motherhood is a fulltime — and a lifetime — job. It's fun and difficult, rewarding and trying, beautiful and terrifying... often at the same time. The list of adjectives goes on and on. And every woman's experience is unique.

Mother's Day is a great time for real moms to weigh in on motherhood. So let's see what these moms have to say about it.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - TCU v Michigan State

Nicole Dali

Catonsville, MD

My mom was my inspiration to become one myself. She always put my sister and me before anything else and made sure that nothing harmed us and that we knew we were loved, no matter what. I knew I wanted to have that bond with my own children. I am the mother of two very sweet and spirited boys. I love them with all my heart, even when fighting with our five-year-old about everything from getting out of bed, to going to bed. But, these things are forgiven when hearing "I love you" in my native German, or "Mommy, you are BEAUTIFUL!" when getting ready for a nice dinner. And with our four-month-old son, all the sleepless nights and crying spells are forgotten when he gives me his biggest smile and cutest giggle. I feel like the mom I wanted to be when I get these small returns of love from my boys.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - TCU v Michigan State

Sara Gibson

Washington, DC

Recently, my daughter didn't want my help going down the big slide at the playground. It was a first. I fretted. I imagined all the things that could happen to her on the slide if I wasn't there. I wanted to go with her anyways to keep her safe. But I stopped myself. It was hard, but I knew she was ready to do this on her own. I let go. I took a step back. I watched proudly as she walked up the stairs, my own heart beating loudly. When she successfully came down and announced "I did it!" I beamed. I also exhaled.

For me, to be a mother is to constantly walk a tightrope, balancing the need and desire to protect my daughter from the hurt of the world with the obligation to let her go at the right time so she can thrive.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - TCU v Michigan State
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Jennifer Scarpati

Old Greenwich, CT

As I enter my son Jesse's third week of life, motherhood signifies to me that sense of amazement I'd lost long ago, but regained this year. My husband and I had always been on the fence about having children. Last June, we went to freeze my eggs in an effort to keep our options open. After preliminary tests, I was told last July that I am completely sterile. I was devastated. Strange but true: we somehow conceived Jesse that same month, and we're still reeling from shock. Although I'll never understand these events, I now believe that we were meant to have this miracle baby with chubby cheeks and thick hair. I've become cynical over the years, and I'd lost my ability to be amazed. When told I was sterile, I see now that I abandoned all hope too quickly, and that some always remains. Jesse is an excellent teacher, and I've learned from him already.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - TCU v Michigan State

Doreen Katz

Shaker Heights, OH

"Stop! Put that down. No hitting. We don't eat toothpaste. That's enough TV. Get off your brother's head! It's time to eat. Broccoli does taste good. No throwing. Use your napkin. No! What are you doing? The toilet brush is yucky! I love this picture — is that Batman fighting a dinosaur? Awesome! Time for bath. No splashing. I said 'No splashing.' I'm going to count to three — 1, 2 . . . don't you want a bedtime story? Okay, then stop it. It's time to say goodnight. What was your favorite part about today? I loved playing Candy Land with you too. Give me kisses. I'm only going to sing the Thomas song one time. Okay, one more time. I love you. Good night. Sweet dreams. Yes, you can go pee. Okay, one more hug. Good night. Get back in bed!"

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