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Do The Detroit Lions Have A New Uniform? Eric Ebron Teases It

By: Evan Jankens

Fans of the Detroit Lions always want the Lions to wear their throwback uniforms or even have a new uniform -- Hey, with continuous losing what more do the fans have to grasp onto other than the draft and the gear?

Tuesday afternoon, Lions TE Eric Ebron tweeted out the following about the Detroit Lions uniforms. "I Know What The New Uniforms Colors Are And I'm Not Sharing ????.. (because I can't)."

The Lions will have an alternate uniform for the 2016 season and Ebron wants to tease the fans that he knows what the uniforms will look like. Will there really be new colors on the uniforms?

Fellow Lions' player Caruan Reid appears to have no idea about the new Lions uniforms.

Who knows, maybe the Lions asked Ebron to take part in designing the uniforms since he had such great ideas for a T-shirt.

What would you like to see with a new Lions uniform for 2016? Would you bring back the black uniform?

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