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What Do Dads Really Want For Father's Day?

DETROIT (WWJ) - It's Father's Day 2014 and what do Dads really want? It's not the latest electronic gadget or a round of golf necessarily. For father of four, Doug Kempton, Father's Day is hits closer to home.

"My kids are a little bit older , so just the chance for us all to be together , have a meal together, hang out, just be back in the house at the same time and all sittin' at the table," said Kempton.

But, Kempton, the founding director of Eagle Sports Club, has fond memories of when his kids were younger.

"I think the best gifts were always the gifts that my kids made, when they would take the time to actually produce something ..sometimes it was just , you know , a drawing or a , you know, a hat or something that they decorated & those were always the gifts that meant the most."

Kempton says his father gave him a great appreciation for faith.

Most Dads say they just want to be with their kids on this Father's Day.

What is a lasting memory of your dad?

Happy Father's Day ...



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