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Western Michigan University Men's Basketball Players Hit The Court With Beautiful Lives Project

An event with the Beautiful Lives Project at Read Fieldhouse on Wednesday brought the community and the Western Michigan University men's basketball team together.

The Beautiful Lives Project aims to give people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in activities they normally wouldn't get the chance to.

About 75 people were in WMU's basketball arena, including players on the team and new head coach Dwayne Stephens, as they put on drills and interacted with people from the community.

Founder Bryce Weiler is blind and for him, organizing these events is an effort to help others and goes far beyond the game of basketball.

"It's important for individuals with disabilities to be able to experience college basketball or basketball as a whole because it's something they may not be able to experience every day or experience that often," said Weiler, Co-founder of the Beautiful Lives Project. "For the Western Michigan players, it's a good teaching lesson that you should always value every opportunity that you're given."

Western Michigan University's head basketball coach, Dwayne Stephens said, "As athletes and coaches, we don't always understand the impact we can have on others.... I want to teach these guys life lessons beyond basketball."

For more information on the Beautiful Lives Project, including where they are heading to next, as well as how you can support the program, visit here.

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