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Here Are Ways To Save While On Vacation

(CBS DETROIT) - The costs of just about everything is up. From food, to travel, retail and gas; making it even more expensive to take the family away for a summer vacation.

Dan Maldonado from InTouch Credit Union says there are still ways to enjoy your annual getaway while saving money.

"First off, don't charge it," Maldonado said.

"Coming home to a big credit card bill that takes months or longer to pay off is no way to have fun. Have money saved prior to traveling if you're planning ahead for a vacation and know your limit so that you don't come home to a large credit card bill."

Experts say it's also wise to search for flights that are on an off-peak time or day to keep airline travel low.

Avoid renting a car and look into public transportation around your destination.

You can also find a home away from home if traveling with a large family or group.

"A service such as an Airbnb can save you money and give you more space and amenities, including the option to buy groceries at a local market, rather than you know having every meal out , you know breakfast, lunch and dinner out can be quite costly," Maldonado explained.

Once you arrive at your destination, look for free or low-cost activities.

"Families or groups can also look for some more traditional ways to vacation," Maldonado said.

"Such as picnics, or fishing or outdoor games or even flying kites. You don't have to travel far to have a great experience, especially here in Michigan.

With a little planning and prioritizing, you can create new memories without breaking the bank.

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