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WATCH: British Woman Gets Video Of Mountain Lion Right Outside Home In Colorado

(CBS4) -- A British woman visiting her mother in the Boulder foothills had an amazingly close encounter with a Colorado predator. A mountain lion spent more than two minutes right outside the glass door -- giving her an incredible view from inside the home.

"Oh my God, oh my God," you can hear Nina Isaacs say over and over in the short video. You can watch a longer version of the video in the YouTube player below but there is some explicit language.

Toward the end of the video, the mountain lion pauses and seems to look right inside the house at Isaacs and her dog.

Isaacs came from London before Christmas and stayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her mother's home is in the Boulder foothills, off Lee Hill Road.

Close Encounter with Mountain Lion, Boulder, Colorado by Gillian Russell on YouTube

"Lee Hill is most definitely mountain lion country, so residents there or most anywhere in Boulder should not be surprised to have a mountain lion around," said Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

(credit: Nina Isaacs)

"Biggest take-away for people who see that video is they need understand they should take action and haze mountain lions away when seen around their home," Clay said. "Don't let them feel comfortable and protect your pets. Yell through your window, set off your car alarm, try something from inside that you feel comfortable doing to get the mountain lion to move along."

In February, CPW released a series of videos to educate all of us about how mountain lions live as people move into their spaces.


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