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Was The Batmobile Stolen In Detroit?

By: Evan Jankens

Only in Detroit? Holy stolen Batmobile, Batman...

A website is reporting that the Batmobile, from the upcoming Batman v. Superman flick, has gone missing in Detroit... and is presumed stolen.

If this is true I could only imagine seeing it driving down 696 in rush hour.

Seriously, how the heck could someone steal this car? It's not like it's a 2008 Sebring that you could mix up with just about any other Sebring. No, it's the BATMOBILE! It has machine guns in the front.

Does this person — if the rumor is true (we don't know how credible the source is) — think that he or she can just go cruising around in this car no one will notice?

If I see the Batmobile driving around anywhere I am taking photos. Even funnier: Could you imagine getting pulled over for going too slow in this car? No way right?

How would the cops catch it with all the Bat devices that come standard? Does Alfred come to your rescue? Is the Batcave set in the GPS? If so, you would be safe from the cops, I presume...

Our brother station WWJ put a call into the Detroit Police Department to see if there is any truth to this. (Update! As of 4 p.m., police were saying they hadn't heard about this, but were looking into it).

I hope Commissioner Gordon is on the case, too.

Earlier this week photos of the Batmobile surfaced. You think if the photos didn't surface than people would just think it's a Corvette rolling down the street? Maybe not.

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