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VPG Autos Establishes Headquarters in Detroit

ALLEN PARK -- Vehicle Production Group LLC, maker of the wheelchair-accessible vehicle MV-1, announced Monday that it was establishing its company headquarters in Allen Park.

VPG's office in Allen Park formerly housed only its engineering staff. The company's former headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. will continue as a regional sales office.

The decision to move its headquarters to the Motor City was made by CEO John Walsh, who says Detroit is "where America's fourth automaker belongs. We are proud to establish ourselves as an All-American car company with the MV-1. We designed and engineered the MV-1 in Metro Detroit and we plan to stay here and support the local economy -- and commit to the state of Michigan as well."

VPG produces the MV-1 while providing more than 900 jobs, including employees, suppliers, retailers and service personnel in the U.S.  MV-1s are sold at a growing number of dealerships throughout the country.

Currently there are two MV-1 dealers in Michigan: MV-1 of Michigan in Grand Blanc and Hoekstra Transportation Inc. in Grand Rapids. The company hopes to have 150 dealers in place by the end of 2012.

VPG's mission is to help those with mobility issues find solutions by developing vehicles that allow them to travel with comfort and dignity. The American-built MV-1 was designed for just such a purpose – a versatile, unique and thoughtful vehicle that was built from the ground up specifically for the members of the disability community and those who help them. VPG is also proud to feature a compressed natural gas-powered engine -- the first factory-built, U.S.-made vehicle to offer such an option.

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