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Viral Video Of Korean Babies Dancing, And More Of 'What's Trending Today' With Zahra

Move over Gangnam Style, here is a new dance from Korea.

The latest viral Internet sensation involves a Korean baby brother and sister showing off some dance moves. The adorable little girl does most of the dancing, and keeps looking over to her brother to convince him to join in.

Watch the video.


This is scary.

A California family visiting the Willis Tower in Chicago did what many of us do: walk out onto "The Ledge," an enclosed glass ledge hanging 103 floors above the city.

But as they were standing on it, one of the enclosure's floors appeared to shatter. After hearing the cracking, the group says they told the staff about it, took pictures, after which they were asked to leave.

According to officials, it was the protective coating that shattered, which happens occasionally.

See the picture of the shattered glass.


Talking about scary:

A tornado touches down in Watford, North Dakota, and a daring man named Dan Yorgason kept his camera rolling as the tornado hit nearby, and then posted it on YouTube for all of us to see.

The tornado, by the way, turned out to be an EF2, with estimated peak winds up to 120 miles an hour. Nine people were injured.

Watch the video (caution: graphic language).


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