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Vintage Shop Owner In SW Detroit Looking For Driver Who Crashed Into Storefront And Kept Driving

(CBS DETROIT) - When you walk into the Flamingo Vintage Shop in Southwest Detroit the items tell the stories of the past, but a boarded-up store front tells a more recent story, one that has owner Nicole Neuzil very upset.



"Somebody ran into the front of the store front so the two windows were shattered my open sign was in pieces on the floor, my mannequins in displays were all crumbled"

Neuzil says this happened around 2am on Saturday January 30th, and thankfully cameras at nearby businesses captured it all.

"So between the two camera footages we were able to find a black Escalade ramping into the front of the store." Neuzil Says

She says she believes the driver may have been drunk because they sped off after the crash leaving behind extensive damage, even taking out a tree and an iron gate. Neuzil filed a police report but as of Tuesday afternoon the driver had not been located.

Neuzil says as a small business owner, money is already tight, now she finds herself needing to come out of her own pockets for someone else's negligence.

"So I didn't just have reserves to pull from to pay for this, so I'm looking at a couple thousand dollars in glass damage."

Neuzil is hoping the driver responsible is first off ok, and secondly comes forward and take responsibility for ruining something she's worked so hard to have. She says.

"I'm proud of this place, and I took it personal

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