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VIDEO: Prince Fielder Meets Eminem, Laughs Like Little Kid

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) - It's the video everyone in metro Detroit is talking about -- Being: Prince Fielder.

The Detroit Tigers slugger recently spent the day with a camera crew for a Fox Sports segment to find out what a day in his shoes is really like.

First, Fielder gets a chance to hang out with Eminem when he stops by the Detroit rapper's studio on 8 Mile Road.

"He's shooting a video here so he kind of invited me out to say what's up," Fielder said.

The video was shot after the Tigers won the American League Championship Series but before they knew who their opponent would be in the World Series. After talking about what the Tigers' postseason success means to the city, the pair really get down to business.

"This is great, man, it's exciting. Let's do it," Eminem said in the segment.

"Yeah, just four more wins," Fielder replied.

"No I mean, let's do it. You need a pinch hitter? I'm..." Eminem said.

"Yeah, come on. You know what? I think we need one," Fielder said. "What are you, right-handed or left-handed?"

"Ambidextrous," Eminem replied. "I pitch too. So let me know, I'm here man."

"Alright, I'll tell them," Fielder said with a sheepish grin.

The video goes on to follow Fielder, his wife Chanel and two sons, Jadyn and Haven, through Detroit and Royal Oak, where fans get an intimate look as the four enjoy a family dinner -- where mom and dad try to coax the boys to eat sushi.

"Being Prince Fielder is outstanding because I have a great wife, great kids and I'm going to win the World Series. So I mean, it's a trifecta," Fielder said with a laugh.

Another family moment is captured, one that makes Fielder laugh like a little kid when his son starts dancing to the smash Korean rap single "Gangnam Style."

"Do it, Gangnam Style, do it, do it," Fielder said, egging on his son. "They love this Gangnam Style-stuff. It's pretty funny."

Fielder then talks about how important it is for him to be a good role model for his sons, as we watch the doting dad help with math homework.

"Me and my wife, our thing is, you know, number one do good in school and you're alright," he said. "Whenever she says they haven't been good, then daddy has to step in and I've got to get all mad for a second."

After losing the first two games of the World Series to the San Francisco Giants, the Tigers will host games three, four and, if necessary, game five at Comerica Park.

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