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Vice President Kamala Harris discusses climate change in Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Vice President Kamala Harris visited Ann Arbor on Thursday to highlight the Biden administration's efforts to address the climate change crisis. In attendance was former Michigan Governor and current U.S. Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm. 

Harris said millions of dollars are going toward initiatives to helping reduce climate crisis impacts like the Inflation Reduction Act.

"You can look at, for example, the data that tells us that some of the regions in America with the poorest air quality are low-income communities and communities of color," she said.

A big topic of discussion was electric cars and its impact on the economy. Harris mentioned her love for not just electric cars but electric school buses.

"What it might do to the child's ability to fully maximize their capacity to learn because of the health impacts and maybe decrease lost
days of school," she said.

Electric vehicles are one of the focuses for the Biden administration's climate crisis initiatives and how to bring electric car manufacturers back to America.

"We, in fact, are producing at record amounts ourselves and is producing natural gas at record amounts. We have the ability to do that at home and we also want the ability to produce energy for electricity so that means clean, solar, wind, hydro-electric power," Granholm said.

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