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Valuations LLC Designs Innovative Business Valuation Software

OKEMOS -- Valuations LLC has long provided free and low cost business valuations for business owners. Now, it has added a new service, ProValuation, designed for accountants, business brokers, and financially sophisticated business owners.

The new Web based software allows users to output detailed business appraisals in either PDF or Microsoft Word format to allow easy editing.

"We noticed that our existing software was often used by financial professionals who wanted more control over both the assumptions and the presentation of the report," David Annis, president of Valuations LLC said. "In the past we often assisted in creating these reports by hand. Now, users can create the reports by completing a simple interview."

The software will automatically handle calculations like adjusting from cash basis to accrual basis and weighting income from multiple years but will allow an end user to easily override the default values. Financial statements are automatically recast to adjust for non-market rate owner compensation, related party transactions, interest expense, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. The program also asks the user non-financial questions about the company being valued, and computes an appropriate earnings multiple.  Despite the sophistication, most businesses can be valued in about an hour.

Users can also customize the template upon which the valuation report is based so that they can change the wording, include their company logo of other graphics, and change the layout so that it looks good on their standard letterhead. The website interface can also be customized, allowing business brokers and other professionals to private label the application and add it to their own websites.

The software is available by subscription, with pricing between $33 and $50 per month, depending on the length of a subscription.

The software was designed by experienced business consultants who have over 30 years combined experience as intermediaries, consultants, and appraisers.  It is available at The company's original and highly popular easy valuation program is available at for $24.95 per valuation report.

Valuations LLC was founded in 2007 by a group of mergers and acquisitions specialists to provide low cost web based mergers and acquisitions advisory services.

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