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Union Sends Aid To Storm Ravaged South

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) - A local union is working right now to bring some relief to the South -- still recovering from tornadoes that deeply ravaged the area.

IBEW Local 17 Spokesman Kevin Shaffer said several of his power crew union workers were dispatched to help in parts of Birmingham and Tallahassee. After seeing the devastation, they asked their bosses to borrow the big rigs and truck down there with supplies.

"They've decided to donate their semi's," Shaffer said. "As many semi's as we need, we will fill as many as we can and we can send them down."

Shaffer said they are currently asking the public for any non-perishable items or cash donations.

All food items will be distributed to area food shelters and all cash donations will be given to the American Red Cross that is currently working in the damaged area.

"They have absolutely nothing left. The kids don't have any toys, they don't... I mean, they've lost everything. They've lost their clothing, they've lost... just trying to feed and manage a disaster like that, feed the people down there, they need help," Shaffer said.

-Click here to view photos of the storm's aftermath-

You can donate by dropping your donation or items at the IBEW Local 17 Union Hall, located on West 12 Mile Road in Southfield.

Shaffer said any goods received will be taken down South on Saturday.

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