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Tyler Collins On Obscene Gesture: 'There's Not S--- You Can Do About It Now' [AUDIO]

By: Jeff Riger

It seems safe to say that Monday night was a bad one for outfielder Tyler Collins. By now you know that Collins made national news by flipping off the hometown fans after getting booed in the 6th inning.

Collins lost a ball in the lights at Comerica Park and the rest was a chain of events he probably would love to forget about. After Collin's actions were caught on camera and the video was seen on what seemed like every website and Twitter account, the outfielder apologized and seemed genuinely shaken up by what happened.

On Tuesday when the clubhouse opened, I walked over to Collins to see how his night went, thinking it must have been difficult to watch TV or even look on the internet without seeing himself.

"I went home, went to bed and got ready to come to the field today. You gotta turn the page," Collins said, adding "It happened and there's not sh** you can do about it now."

While some are speculating he could face a fine or suspension he added that he hadn't heard anything from the MLB about the infraction.

"Look, whatever happens, happens," he said. "Like I said, it's over with. I earned whatever comes my way and that's the end of it."


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