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True Crime: Jonbenét Ramsey Bombshell Allegations: Boulder Police Accused Of Sitting On Crucial Dna Evidence

Today, Dr. Oz examines bombshell new allegations in the investigation of JonBenét Ramsey's brutal murder.  Investigative reporter Paula Woodward speaks out about never-before-seen case files that allegedly reveal Boulder authorities are sitting on evidence from the Ramsey family's basement that could be analyzed using modern DNA testing and solve the case once and for all.  She also tells Dr. Oz why she thinks police refuse to consider a suspect other than JonBenét's late mom, Patsy Ramsey, and how this case will go unsolved if it remains in the jurisdiction of the Boulder Police Department.

Dr. Oz asks investigative reporter Paula Woodward if she believes there would've been a different outcome in the JonBenét investigation if authorities had secured the crime scene and discovered a body.

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