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Trendy New Wedding Styles For All

Some people have their dream wedding completely envisioned by the time they are ten years old. Others look to current trends for the big day, keeping an eye on what’s hot and fabulous right now. Many of today’s modern brides and grooms mesh the sentimental elements they’ve always dreamed of with up-to-the-minute styles, creating one-of-a-kind dream weddings, despite budget constraints and guest list size. No matter what type of wedding is dancing across your imagination, several styles this spring are worthy of consideration.

For Her

Wedding Dress Style
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Rustic, outdoor weddings are trending heavily for spring and summer and lend themselves to visually interesting, bridal-bohemian styles, according to wedding broker Kristen Ley, co-founder of Something New For I Do.

Make sure your dress will feel comfortable in hot weather and avoid heavy fabrics or too much layering. Think cut outs, open backs and fabrics that are light, airy and easy to move around in, like cotton lace, organza and chiffon,” she suggests.

Don’t assume your gown must be white when you’re walking down the aisle. Pale, soft and blushing pink is this spring’s must-have dress color, for both bridesmaids and the radiant lady of the day. Sophisticated elements, such as waist-cinching belts and lace high heels are big, adding femininity and personalized flair. Keep make-up colors light, sun-kissed and breezy and go for a messy bun or wind-swept hair and veil to complete the picture.

For Him

Men's wedding style
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You can’t go wrong with a classic tuxedo, but this spring’s best-dressed grooms may find themselves opting for elegant grey or dapper suits in light hues, such as tan or beige.

Think Great Gatsby style, suggests event planner, Mary Bradley. “Art deco, Gatsby-inspired themes are going strong and showing up everywhere from grooms men’s fashion to over-all color palette,” she says.

Don’t forget to incorporate touches of the bride’s bouquet colors in accessories such as suspenders, boutonnieres or pocket squares.

For The Party

Wedding Party Decor
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Everyone loves a good party, and this season’s wedding trends offer up exciting elements that will have your guests reminiscing about your special day for months.

It’s a wedding designer’s dream when the bride and groom agree that not everything needs to be matchy-matchy,” says Ley. “Creative pairings of linens and fabrics can establish a theme and set the mood. Think of melding bold patterns such as florals or stripes with sheer fabrics to add softness,” she suggests.

Of course, the music has got to get everyone up and dancing. Many of today’s couple’s seek out DJs or bands able to morph thematic, era-focused standards with today’s go-to, "cause I’m happy" favorites. Floral bouquets and table settings complete the picture in gentle pinks or rose tones that take on a rustic and loose, devil-may-care feeling, but there is nothing casual or come-what-may about this year’s cake trends.

Cake exteriors are more unique than ever before, ranging from Kate Middleton-inspired lace to non-traditional, personalized shapes. Cake flavors for spring tend towards light and citrusy, such as lemon or orange and often feature layers of jam, fruit puree or buttercream. From towering in size to individualized and almost small, this season’s cakes take on romantic, Victorian-flair and colorations ranging from pinky-blush to rich orchid.

For the Happily Wedded Couple

Wedding Honeymoon
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Once the last guests have said their goodbyes, it’s off to exotic climes and exciting, faraway places for this season’s newly wedded twosome. Adventuresome newlyweds with a high-end budget and love for the beach may gravitate to far-away destinations like New Zealand, exotic Bali or the magnificent Maldives. Closer-to-home favorites include sun-drenched Cancun, ever-warm Belize or uber-tourist friendly St. Lucia, all known for superlative service, five-star hotels and romantic landscapes.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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