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Top 6 Couple Activities You Can Do Year Round

For fresh couples or even those who have gotten past the seven year itch, an important part of staying in love is spending time together, doing things you both enjoy. The activities are limitless; you might just need a few ideas to spark your imagination. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, here is a short list of great couples' activities that you can do year-round. 

Dining Together
Dining Together
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Become your own restaurant of the month club. Explore new dining-out ideas and pick the ones that sound most interesting to both of you, then make a reservation and get ready to have a night on the town. Stick to the same day every month to ensure you will always have time to dine together. This is a great opportunity to explore out-of-the-way places or new types of cuisine you’ve always been curious about but never tried. Build in a few romantic nights and feel free to embarrass other diners by making out shamelessly at the table.

Educate With Love
Cooking Classes
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Do both of you have an interest in do-it-yourself household projects or photography? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to make sushi, wood working or Italian. Adult-education classes represent a great way for the two of you to expand your horizons and knowledge base together, plus acquire a practical skill of value. Make sure to choose an interest you both share and find ways of enjoying it outside of class, too.

Have A Breakthrough 

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Couples-only retreats offer you the opportunity to not only explore your relationship but also enjoy activities like hiking, boating, couple’s massage or yoga together. An added plus is being with other, like-minded couples and forming new friendships, which are healthy for any relationship. Look for weekend retreats in interesting locations either close to home or far away, then suspend your current reality and enjoy being together in a completely new environment.

Have A Ball 
Have a ball
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Pursue a sports activity together, such as golf, bowling, paddleball or running. Make time to go to the gym or take tennis lessons. Some couples enjoy friendly competition, while others prefer to play games together as if they were little, goofy kids. Whatever your sports style might be, find physical pursuits you both can share that will help you keep both your bodies and your relationship fit and healthy.

Have An Adventure
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Become tourists in your own home town by visiting sight-seeing destinations and attractions, like boat or bus tours, museums and landmarks. Pretend you don’t speak the language and ask people to take your picture together. Re-visit your own personal landmarks, too, like the place where the two of you met or the houses you both grew up in.

Take Time Out
Time Out
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Make the world go away by closing the door, shutting off the phones and dimming the lights. Remember that the little, day-to-day moments you share are just as important as the time you plan around activities together. Be a universe of two and spend some time remembering what brought you together in the first place. Congratulate each other on how terrific you are and celebrate being a couple, in any way you choose.

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