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Top 5 Twitter Reactions To FIFA Arrests

By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

If you weren't up celebrating the Cavaliers win in the Eastern Conference Finals or the Rangers extending their series to a Game 7, you may have missed the news regarding the world's most popular sport. FIFA, the governing body for the World Cups and much of what goes on in the soccer world, has had multiple officials arrested on charges of alleged money laundering, corruption, bribery, and more. For soccer fans, this was like waking up on Christmas morning. Here are some of the best reactions to the charges: 

5) Josh Elliot Explains FIFA's response

This is the perfect summation of the organization as a whole.  Facing widespread allegations of corruption in regards to the bidding processes for these two World Cups, FIFA basically shrugs and says "Nothing to see here." Amazing.

4) Men In Blazers Compare Blatter To Goodfellas

The soccer world's resident funny guys, Men In Blazers are known for their sarcastic look at the soccer world. Sepp Blatter hasn't been arrested or charged yet as a result of the investigation, but imagining him in this role is just great. 

3) SundayLeagueFC has a request for the USA

Touche guys, touche.  

2) Men In Blazers Campaign For 2022 World Cup

Men In Blazers back with another great reaction including some good photoshop work. Well done, fellas. 

1) Trey Wingo FIFA vs. IOC

Wingo is one of my favorite guys to follow when it comes to the NFL for his snarky commentary. Here he brings it to the soccer world. He wins the day. 

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