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Tips For Making Your Office Greener

Although the time-honored adage of reduce, reuse, recycle is a must for making your office more environmentally friendly, this pithy saying is simply a good start. Consider the following tips for creating a greener place to work.


Turn Off Lights

Remind staff to turn off lights when they're not needed and your savings will be instantaneous. Better still, invest in occupancy sensors and your savings will be guaranteed – forever.


Check the Thermostat, Stat!

Adjust the office thermostat 3-5 degrees during a normal 8-hour workday. You could save some cash on your energy bills. Better still, invest in a programmable thermostat and cut down on unnecessary heating or cooling when not in the office.


Don't Lose Money Down the Drain

Does your office have a dishwasher? There are savings to be had there, too. Cut down on energy costs by running it only when it's full. Save money by switching its setting for heat drying and allow dishes to air dry. An additional way to lower the cost of heating water is by fixing dripping faucets and installing low-flow aerators. If you don't, it's money down the drain.


Central Savings

The HVAC system in your office may not be yours, but you probably pay for the energy required to heat and cool your facility. So, help it operate efficiently by changing the filters at least once every three months. Plus, the air that circulates will be cleaner to breathe. Consider investing a little more and get a furnace and/or air conditioning tune-up. With good maintenance, you will save money in the long run and avoid potential problems and shut downs.


Power Down Devices

Electronic devices make our lives easier, but they come at a cost – especially when they remain on. Encourage employees to turn them off. And remember that even devices that are turned off may still be drawing standby power, so unplug them, Better still, equip each desk with a smart strip. Plugging computers, desk, lamps, printers, coffee pots and cellphone chargers into smart strips is an easy way to switch off devices automatically. It's a convenient way to save energy while not having to rely on employees.


In Hot Water

Turn down the temperature of the water heater; there's no need to heat the water to scalding. Also, invest a little and wrap the hot water pipes leading from your tank to help maintain the water temperature as it travels to the faucet.


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