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Tips For Wrapping Gifts With Love This Holiday Season

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) - Wrapping your holiday presents can feel sometimes like a labor of love. So, WWJ's Kathryn Larson discovered a local "wrapping" company that can do the wrapping for you. She also picked up a few tips along the way.

Lisa's Gift Wrappers owner Lisa Gleeson calls herself a Wrap Artist, and for good reason -- she and her team of eight are working around the clock at the Royal Oak Shop on Woodward.

"If you've really picked out something wonderful, take a little extra time and have it wrapped. Presentation really is as important as the gift. So, you know, don't stub your toe and throw it in a bag," Gleeson said.

In this season of giving, Gleeson said they do plenty of receiving.

"You can bring in your gift, we can wrap it from you, we'll ship it for you, we'll take a digital picture and send it to you so you can say 'What's in that wrapping paper, wasn't that bow the greatest,' even though you didn't experience it while we were finishing it in the store," she said.

Gleeson said her services per gift run anywhere between $10 and $20, but if you want to do it yourself, you'll need some new scissors, double back tape and the skills to make the perfect bow.

"The key to making a really pretty bow is just making sure that you've got it really, really pleated tightly because that way the ribbon will sit up for you and make a really nice bow," she said.

The artist wrappers say it's totally ok to reuse your ribbon. In fact, if you have a few favorite bows, you can put them on a hanger and cover them in a cleaner's bag. That way, they'll stay lint free and ready to use when it's bow time next year.

This year besides the typical red and green, Gleeson said there's a new design that's really hot.

"You're going to see a lot of snowflake designs. Of course there's always the traditional ones though, like holly and berries," she said.

Gleeson said they'll wrap hundreds of items each day inside beautiful paper but the present inside isn't always a good one.

"If you're going to a party where you have to bring a gag gift, certainly having it nicely wrapped will throw off those people that are expecting something different and usually that's the gift that's traded the most often," she said.

Gleeson's best wrapping tip is to use plenty of sticky notes.

"So, just in case you start wrapping and you've forgotten what's in there, you can put a little Post-it Note on the package so it reminds you," she said.

For more information on Lisa's Gift Wrappers, visit

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