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Three Tigers Named As Potential Players Who Could Hit The Trade Block

By: Evan Jankens

The Detroit Tigers are 22-23 and in third place in the AL Central, four games behind the Minnesota Twins for first place in the division.

Detroit Tigers GM Al Avila joined Jamie and Stoney earlier this week and made it sound like the Tigers weren't going to make trades at the deadline.

"It's not as easy as saying you're buyers or sellers because, really, you gotta understand one thing. Where our payroll is at for the competitive balance tax right now, this season we're going to be second-time offenders. Certainly you don't wanna be a three-time offender because the consequences are really crippling to a ball club, so that's also a factor that you have to add in to being a buyer," Avila told the Jamie and Stoney Show on 97.1 The Ticket.

That assertion didn't stop Jon Heyman from listing four Tigers as part of his "70 players who could hit the trade block" story on

As a matter of fact, Heyman listed Tigers ace Justin Verlander as the second choice in order of "headline potential" to be dealt at the deadline.

Justin Verlander, Tigers SP. With $76 million to go through 2019 (about half what's owed Greinke, though one rival points out the Tigers have shown no indication to pay it down). The Dodgers were the main team that showed interest in the winter. But the Tigers are seen as not too likely to sell, especially with no one running away with things in the AL Central. "I think they go for it to honor Mr. Ilitch, and besides that, he's a likely Hall of Famer, which makes him a tough guy to trade," one rival says.

Other Tigers on the list are J.D. Martinez:

The Tigers are likely going for it, but his hot start is a nice reminder how good he can be.

And Ian Kinsler:

The price tag was understandably high this winter since he's a productive player with a fair deal ($18 million to go through next year assuming his option is picked up). The Tigers will probably hold, but if they do sell, he'd bring the most back in return.

To be fair, Heyman did say, "though admittedly, many at the top guys are among the least likely to go anywhere."

I highly doubt you will see Verlander or Kinsler traded during the season when they may fetch more after the season. Out of these three players listed, who is the most likely to be dealt?

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