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'This Works': Group Says Drinking Your Own Pee Is Good For You

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS Local) -- A small group of people in Colorado are drinking their own urine, insisting the practice has demonstrative health benefits. But the experts remain unconvinced.

The Urine Therapy of Colorado meetup group hosts monthly gatherings at the public library in Boulder for people to explore, learn about and support others drinking urine or using it as a topical treatment.

Christopher Macor said he began using it when he said no other creams or ointments helped his eczema on his hands. He says the moment he began soaking them in his urine, his eczema went away.

"It's the fluid of your body that's being given to you," Macor told KUSA.

Another member said she has been using urine to treat ailments since 1983.

"In the morning that is the first thing I do," said Indira Bhatt Gupta. "Let some part go, take the middle part, put it in my eyes, put it in my face, and just have some Chai in the morning."

Macor said urine therapy dates back some 4,000 years and is called Shivambhu. The group points to a book "Healing Water From Within" by Boulder resident Brother Sage as proof.

"This works," said Macor. "If you just shift your perception about it."

But medical experts says there isn't any scientific evidence of medical benefits from urine therapy. Dr. Comilla Sasson told KUSA that urine isn't sterile and "could be harmful" because of the bacteria.

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