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The Wanted Play "What's That Song" - Part 2

We may have had too much fun playing "What's That Song" with the Wanted guys the first time -- they did such a great job guessing Bieber, ABBA and Britney tracks that we just had to bring them back for another round. Check out what happened when we played again. And get the Barry White gif on the Wanted's Tumblr!

Christina Aguilera "Dirrty"

Nathan Sykes immediately guesses this one.

"Christina Aguilera! You know what? This video has to go down as one of the hottest…"

Max George interrupts to say, "Worst!" and gets the "incorrect" buzzer.

Nathan continues, "videos I've ever seen."

"Great w*** materials," Tom Parker adds.

"Sweat dripping over my body," Jay McGuinness chimes in. "The time was all about being promiscuous and she was very good at it. She was attractive, the song was catchy…"

"It was dirty," said Siva Kaneswaran‎.

"It was dirty. She did a little masturbation move for some reason," Jay said "Why not? You know what, when Michael Jackson first grabbed his crotch everyone thought it was terrible and now we've got Bieber doing it. So why not?"

"I think it's when people are in their prime they do that sort of thing," Max said.

"Let's do it!" Tom jumped up and started…er, doing it.

"I might do it tonight," Nathan joked as Tom continued. When he finished, Nathan grinned and said, "That's horrendous. You know what, that is going to end up being a gif."

Too right Nathan -- we made a gif of it!

Jay joked, "This is us in our prime. This is at our best. Where do you go from here?"

"The only way is up," said Siva.

Barry White "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe"

"That's Barry White, right?" guessed Jay. "That just gives me terrible flashbacks about going to church as a child."

"What, was someone singing Barry White to you while you were at church?" asked Tom.

And there began a long, strange joke about priests that you'll have to watch and decode.

Later, Max admitted, "It reminds me of one of my first houses, actually."

blink-182 "What's My Age Again"

Siva quickly identified this, playing air guitar and drums when it started.

But Tom jumped in to shout it out first, "That's blink-182 and I grew up listening to blink-182. Yes, that was great."

"There's a lyric in there that really reminds me a lot of taking a girl out on Friday night," Max dryly said.

The Beatles "All You Need Is Love"

As the guys are all big Beatles fans, we thought this would be an easy guess but it turned out to be the one song they couldn't identify.

Nathan knew it after a minute though, but made a joke when he yelled out, "It must be love, love, love!" referencing a Madness song from the '80s.

He was quickly shouted down by the guys and said, "I know, it was an ironic gag about the word love being in the start of the song."

Jay wanted to know, "What's that horn bit at the start?"

We played the guys the full, original song, as found on the Beatles 1 anthology. The "horn bit" he refers to is the French national anthem.

The guys admitted they didn't recognize that version of the song, but Nathan said, "I didn't [know it] to start with but I was a bit disappointed when the vocals came in and nobody really clicked."

Tom said, "I'm supposed to be a Beatles fan and I didn't even realize. I thought it was 'O Canada.'"

Oasis "She's Electric"

Oasis She's Electric Coachella 2002 by vinylmartyr on YouTube

We picked this one especially for Tom, who is a self-proclaimed major Oasis fan. He knew it right off the bat.

"'She's Electric,' Oasis!" he exclaimed.

"You're pretty good at this," Nathan remarked.

"Yup," Tom agreed. "Great song."

But then getting him to pick a favorite song from the album, 1995's (What's The Story) Morning Glory, seemed to blow his mind. Eventually Tom recommended we check out The Masterplan, the band's 1998 release of b-sides and non-LP singles. As it is widely regarded as the band's best work, and the Wanted's favorite bearded sound man agreed in the background, we're putting it on the to-do list.

Take That "Back For Good"

The guys knew this immediately and had mixed opinions.

"Great song," Tom said.

"That really is beautiful," Jay said. "I mean, I can't diss that song."

"I used to sing that in a tribute band every night so I hate it," Tom said.

"That started with you going, 'That is beautiful,' and he [gestures to Siva] went, 'Oof,'" Max pointed out. "Alright boys, it's a good song."

"Let's sample the audio of this interview and put it over something really rude," suggested Jay.

LMFAO "Sexy And I Know It"

Among select members of the Wanted, this song inspired some serious dancing.

"Do we have to get up and wiggle our b**** around now?" asked Max, who definitively did not dance.

"As a lover of pop music, I think they're great. As any straight male, looking at that video is really uncomfortable for me," Jay said while Tom did something rather cheeky.

The video for the track spurred a conversation on fashion.

"Sometimes it's really hot and you don't want tan lines on your knees so you just go for the little slinkier number," Jay said, gesturing to where his short shorts might hit him.

"You are hot," interjected Max.

"On your knees?" Nathan asked, "Why would you be on your knees?"

"Because if you wear shorts then you get a tan line on your knees," Jay pragmatically explained. "But then when you wear hot pants you can see your tan marks. Come on boys, get with the program. Fashion!"

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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