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Detroit's Worst Clashes Between Athletes and Fans [BLOG]

By: Evan Jankens

The Detroit Tigers' Tyler Collins lost his cool Monday night and decided to flip the bird to fans who were booing when he misplayed a ball in center field. Collins did apologize for this actions after the game.

But lots of people weren't having it.

It reminded me that this isn't the first time a professional athlete in Detroit decided to lash out at the hometown fans.

Here are some instances where athletes had harsh words for the Detroit fans.

In August of 2014, former Detroit Tigers closer Joe Nathan had a Tyler Collins moment. Nathan decided to do a chin flick to the fans as he walked off the field.

"Right from the first pitch, right away, right out of the chute, I think I threw ball one and it started," Nathan said. "Hearing it the whole inning just got the better of me, and my frustrations came out, and obviously it happened.

"It was bad on both parts, frustration came out on both sides, and I apologize to the fans, I apologize to my kids, and I will be better," Nathan added.
Former Lions head coach Jim Schwartz also was fed up with booing Lions fans as he appeared to, 'What The F— Are You Booing At?'

Asked after the game if he responded to fans before overtime, Schwartz said no, but he condemned the booing.

"I wasn't addressing the crowd," Schwartz said. "I was just trying to get our team fired up.

The Michigan and Ohio State rivalry took an interesting turn in 2014. 

Ohio State's Marcus Hall was ejected from the game following a fight with Michigan players and on his way out he decided to let the Michigan fans were number one in his heart. Hall went on to sign photos of his famous photo of the bird.

Collins isn't the first athlete to get frustrated with the fans, he definitely won't be the last. At the end of the day, we do have to realize these athletes are human and whether it's right or wrong, they will show some emotion.

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