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The Snack Attack: Skittles New America Mix Is Berry-licious [TASTE TEST]

Just in time for the arrival of summer, Skittles has come out with a new flavor combination: America Mix.

America fell in love with Skittles when they were first introduced back in 1979. In the past five or six years, Skittles has gotten really creative with its flavor portfolio, introducing inventive combinations like Orchards (fruit flavors found in orchards), Darkside (mysterious, dark fruit flavors), and Riddles (flavors that don't match their colors). The limited-edition America Mix is a berry-licious addition to this lineup.

Skittles says the America Mix is a "must-have for summer gatherings, road trips and more." Every bag contains red, white and blue Skittles with fruit flavors including strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, wild berry and yumberry.

Because the mix features exclusively berry flavors, there's not much variety. But each bite-size piece is so full of flavor, it's a deliciously sweet way to get into the summer spirit.

Skittles America Mix is available now through July. Taste the patriotism!

Review: Skittles America Mix

america skittles
Taste the patriotism! (Credit:

Strawberry -- The lighter red colored candies. These are really hard to tell apart from the raspberry flavor because they are almost exactly the same color. But when you hit a strawberry, you'll know that distinctive taste because it is one of the original Skittles flavors.

Raspberry -- The darker red colored candies. The flavor of these kind of reminds me of a Tootsie Pop. There's no mistaking that raspberry flavor here -- it's slightly artificial but delicious at the same time.

Blackberry -- The dark blue colored candies. These have the deepest berry flavor out of the bunch, but I'm not exactly sure they taste like blackberries.

Wild Berry -- The bright blue colored candies. I can't decide what this flavor tastes like, but if a blueberry and raspberry had a baby, I bet it would taste something like this.

Yumberry -- The white colored candies. These are by far the best flavor in the bag, maybe because they don't have that artificial berry flavoring like some of the others. Is yumberry even a real fruit? Yes, apparently -- it's another name for the yangmei berry, which has been described as a Chinese raspberry. I'm not exactly sure how true to the taste this Skittle is but regardless, it's tartness is a nice alternative to the other repetitive berry flavors in this mix.

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