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The Pink Fund Foundation Held 'Dancing For Survivors' Event At Campus Martius To Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

(CBS DETROIT)- A sea of pink took over Campus Martius during Lunchtime on Friday, and all, for a worthy cause.

"If I can't get help for me, maybe we should try and give help, so I asked my husband, what do you think, he's like so you think we can pay somebody else bills when we can't pay our own? Ok" said Molly MacDonald, Founder of The Pink Fund.

That OK was all MacDonald needed to start her foundation, The Pink Fund. Battling breast cancer was a challenge, but after speaking with other women she realized like herself, they were dealing with the financial barrier that comes with it.

"I was diagnosed during a time of job transition and my diagnoses detoured my job opportunity so without an income and in addition to a cobra premium of $1,300 a month our family experienced what is known as cancer related financial toxicity," MacDonald said.

In order to lessen the financial burden, she started the foundation, and for the past 14 years have been very successful with raising funds.

"We have paid out $5.3 million directly to patient's creditors," MacDonald said.

"I reached out to the pink fund and within 2 weeks they had paid my rent twice," said Eudora Ward a Breast Cancer Survivor.

They're hoping with today's fund and awareness raising event they can help even more women.

"This fabulous dance party in Campus Martius today to kick off breast cancer awareness month, for the rest of the month we're asking people to dance for the pink fund," MacDonald said.

If you would like to support this cause as well raise awareness for breast cancer you can post a video of yourself doing a cute little dance and post to social media with hashtag the pink fund

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