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The New IRS2GO App Can Help You Track Your Tax Return

Are you waiting for that tax refund to come through? There's an app for that. More specifically, there's an app called IRS2Go that makes it easy for taxpayers to see what the status of their tax refund is.

The free app is a self-service tool that essentially replaces having to call (800-908-9946) or submitting a form (4506T-EZ). Plus, as an app, it means you can access your tax information 24/7, no matter where you are. But that's not the only thing the app does.

"After downloading the IRS2go app I quickly realized the usefulness of the 'track my refund' feature," said Chris Farmand, owner of Small Batch Standard, CPA dedicated to the craft brewing industry. "Mobile access to this information will be great for taxpayers this year."

The 'track my refund' is a new app feature that is easy to use, too. All you need to input is your Social Security number (which will be encrypted and secure), choose your filing status, and lastly enter the amount of the refund you're expecting. The status tracker will then let you know the status of your tax filing. The earliest you can use this feature, if you filed electronically, is just 24 hours after the IRS has received it! Paper returns will, understandably so, take longer, as in a couple weeks. IRS records are usually only updated once a day, and typically during the night, so there's also no need to keep inputting your request throughout the day.

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There are a few other simple features of the app. You can also request a copy of your online tax account transcript, which is useful if you need to find out if you have any tax issues or outstanding liabilities. Additionally, if you haven't quite filed your taxes yet and need help preparing them, the IRS2Go app makes it easy for you to find free tax prep services, including Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). You can search based on you zip code and then get directions to the tax preparer, making it easy for you to finish your taxes.

The 'stay connected' portion of the IRS2Go app also makes it easy to connect to the IRS on social media (including Twitter and YouTube) as well as sign up for their email newsletter. While you can also contact the IRS directly, at this time of year, due to how busy they are, they don't answer many inquiries, which makes it more important than ever to easily access your info through an app such as this one. (And if you do have questions, talk to your tax preparer).

If you've previously downloaded IRS2Go, make sure it's up to date before using the app, as the refund feature is new to the app this year. While the app is pretty simple and straightforward, they'll hopefully continue to add to the functionality, making it easier for people to do their taxes in years to come. As Farmand says, "I hope the IRS will continue to evolve the app to include more useful features which taxpayers can benefit from."

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