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The Ever-Changing Treatments of Breast Cancer, with Dr. Linsey Gold

Southfield (CW50) - With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are obviously a lot of questions and topics that come up in our communities surrounding the topic. One being how women who are diagnosed with breast cancer respond to the news and formulate a plan for treatment.

We all have probably heard of the various forms of treatment when it comes to different types of cancer, specifically different surgeries and of course chemotherapy. But what does the treatment plan look like for women nowadays?

Dr. Gold
Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Dr. Linsey Gold, Co-Owner of Comprehensive Breast Care

Dr. Linsey Gold, Co-Owner of Comprehensive Breast Care in Troy, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about the various types of breast cancer, the treatment options, and how things have changed in the field.

Dr. Gold emphasized the importance of early detection to catch cancer in an early stage, and also focused on the importance of patients doing their own research to formulated the plan that best fits their life.

As for how the world of breast cancer treatment has changed, Dr. Gold discussed how surgeries and various drugs are becoming less invasive, and less impactful to a patients overall health, helping them life fuller lives while in treatment. She even joked about how surgeons might put themselves out of work for how quickly breast cancer treatment is becoming less focused on invasive surgeries.

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