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The Big Butter Investigation: Why Are There 25 Kinds Of Butter? And Is There Really A Better Butter?

A few short years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything but salted and unsalted butter at the supermarket.  Now, take a trip down the dairy aisle, and you can find endless options for butter, with at least 25 different kinds such as European, grass-fed, cultured, and clarified.

Today, Dr. Oz asks the question: Is there really a better butter?  Whether you're a real butter lover, watching your waistline, or use it for cooking, our experts break down which choice is best for you.

Plus, the internet exploded when a 'TikTok' video revealed a behind-the-scenes look at fast-food mac and cheese coming from a freezer bag.  Dr. Oz and his experts go to some of your favorite fast-food chains to find out which one has the healthiest mac and cheese and tastes the best.

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