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Driving While On THC: Michigan Court Rules In Favor Of Medical Marijuana Patient

LANSING (WWJ) - The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a medical marijuana patient who was accused of driving while impaired.

The court said that while Rodney Lee Koon tested positive for THC after he was stopped for speeding ... it doesn't prove he was unable to drive safely.

Medical Marijuana advocate Tim Beck says the ruling is big.

"I mean, these people got it right," said Beck. "I can say this is a court with integrity - these is very, very important. I mean, it's huge, this is probably the most important decision that has come down in the State Supreme Court that they've ruled on it."

"Just because some has THC in their system, which in theory, they may be high - they may not be high. But the standard is are they driving safely - period. And it's now up to the police to prove they were not driving safely."

"If you're speeding and your eyes are bloodshot and your speech is slurred and you've been drinking - well - that's an additional charge. But just because someone is speeding, you and I could be stone cold sober, not have any thing and still be speeding," Beck said.

Koon told police he had smoked five to six hours before he was stopped.

The court ruled that prosecutors must prove that Koon was actually impaired behind the wheel.

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