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Terry Foster, Jamie Samuelsen Weigh In On Why Every Patriots Fan Should Be Mad At TMZ

DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) Ray Rice's knockout skirmish with his then-fiancee in a Las Vegas elevator changed the face of the NFL.

The world knew about it because TMZ obtained the footage and splashed it across the airwaves and the Web, where it went viral.

The league was shamed by fans across the country for under reacting to initial reports about the incident, especially when footage was later released of Rice punching the woman in the head before dragging what appeared to be her lifeless body down the hallway back to their room.

Roger Goodell responded to the controversy and the fact Rice was initially only suspended for two games by promising the league would do better.

Now that the Patriots have been fined $1 million and lost two draft picks for allegedly under inflating balls and quarterback Tom Brady was smacked with a four  game suspension, 97.1 The Ticket's Jamie Samuelsen thinks Patriots fans should blame TMZ Sports.

"When TMZ released the video of Ray Rice, all bets were off, then everybody was getting suspended for everything, for excessive amounts," Samuelsen said, while filling in for Mike Valenti on the Valenti and Foster show.

He added when Roger Goodell took over the NFL, he came across like he was trying to clean up the image of the game. Then Goodell got comfortable, Samuelsen said, the money kept flowing in and suspensions were fewer.

TMZ's coverage of Rice changed that.

"When everything broke again with Ray Rice, it's like it gave him either the motivation or scared the sense into him, to be a law and order guy," Samuelsen said.

Foster added that when he heard a few years ago that TMZ was getting into sports, he said, "you all are going to be in trouble."

"They're going to pay, they're going to have people all over the place," he added. "If something is not right, TMZ is going to find it. They're just bulldogs and they've got the resources to do it."


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