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Terry Foster: Does The Cavs Championship Give Lions Fans Hope?

By Terry Foster

The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA title in team history and the first for the city of Cleveland since 1964.

I am glad the drought is over. That is too long for a city filled with people that care about sports and their sports heroes with the same passion that we do in Detroit.

Now here is the question. Does this give hope to Lions fans whose team has never appeared in a Super Bowl and last won an NFL championship in 1957? Most of us were not born, that includes me who qualifies for the senior discount in many restaurants.

Once again that is too long to go without a championship.

Let me give you some hope. The Lions have a better chance to win under the leadership of Martha Firestone Ford than her husband and long-time owner William Clay Ford.

Clay Ford often gave people several times to fail. Martha Ford will not. Employees often told the media that Mr. Ford was a great guy to work for. I'd say the same thing if I screwed up several times and my boss told me to go back and give it the old college try.

My guess is Mrs. Ford won't be as lenient. My folks tell me that she is oftentimes different than the kindly soft-voice woman we see in public. She will lift a boot if she does not like something. This franchise needs some fire and brimstone from the top and it is coming from a 90 year-old grand momma.

Here is the most important thing. Mr. Ford did not know what he was doing and was too stubborn to admit it and seek help.

Mrs. Ford does not know what she is doing but is willing to learn by seeking help outside the Lions organization. She is not too proud to ask. This gives the Lions a ray of hope for the future. The Lions had no hope under Mr. Ford.

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